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Latex product maintenance tips

Natural latex has protein properties, the sun will make it aging, resulting in powder surface, so must not put latex toys in the sun exposure. And latex products themselves have anti-mite and bacteriostatic characteristics, without the sun. If the indoor lighting is better, it should also do a good job of shading, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight.

Enterprise technology consultant — Professor Tan of Hainan University

  3.8 Ushered in the signing ceremony between Professor Tan of Hainan University and the technical consultant of Tong Xin Technology. Professor Tan “encouraged” our Tong Xin technology with professional knowledge and rich research results. Tong Xin Technology solemnly invites Professor Tan from Hainan University to our company for guidance. Professor Tan’s deep cultivation and […]

2023 Tongxin Technology Co., LTD. Annual meeting held ceremoniously

  The old year has shown a thousand pieces of brocade into the New Year –2023 Tongxin Technology Co., LTD. Annual meeting held ceremoniously Heroic song farewell to the old year, happy beginning of the New Year, in the afternoon of February 5, 2023, children new technology limited The company’s “Summary 2022 and Outlook 2023” […]


《38 Women’s Day》

  International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year. It is a globally recognized and respected day. Dating back to March 8, 1909, the United States Chicago labor women’s strike march rally, women’s Day has gone through more than a hundred years of history. Even in China, Women’s Day has been around for […]


Rubber dry rubber series – natural rubber

  Directory 1 Current Situation of Chinese Natural Rubber 2 Ingredients in NR 3 The Structure of Natural Rubber 4. Nature of NR   Natural rubber 1, the current situation of Chinese natural rubber As everyone in the industry knows, NR mainly comes from Southeast Asia. Do you know why our country can’t produce NR […]

Structural Formula of Natural Rubber

  Physical properties of natural rubber: Generally, it is a flake solid with a relative density of 0.94, refractive index of 1.522, and elastic film content of 2 ~ 4MPa. It softenes at 130 ~ 140℃, becomes sticky at 150 ~ 160℃, and begins to degrade at 200℃. High elasticity at room temperature, slightly plastic, […]

What is natural rubber?

Usually we say natural rubber, refers to the natural latex collected from the rubber tree in Brazil, after solidification, drying and other processing processes made of elastic solid. Natural rubber is a kind of natural polymer compound with polyisoprene as the main component, the content of rubber hydrocarbon (polyisoprene) is more than 90%, but also […]