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What are the benefits of teether?

When the baby teething will always want to bite something, then, this time you need to buy dental glue. What are the benefits of teether? 1. Relieve teething discomfort When your baby starts teething, the gums will be very uncomfortable and will not adapt to the growth process of the teeth. When the baby’s gums […]

How to clean the silicone mold?

Silica gel mold is a special mold for the production of handicrafts. Raw materials can be divided into ordinary silica gel and meteorological silica gel according to performance. Silica gel is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong tear resistance, high simulation precision, and is a mold for doing various handicrafts. With the continuous […]

What are the benefits of children’s plates?

Children’s plates are specially developed and planned tableware for infants and young children will be weaned to complementary foods as the primary food, from feeding to learning to eat independently, children’s plates are for this stage of infant development planning tableware, from the learning of eating stage of assistance, to the dining interest of independent […]

What are the characteristics of insulated silicone plates, worth choosing?

Thermal insulation silicone plate is a relatively wide range of silicone maternal and child products, silicone plate is also a lot of types, such as silicone separator plate, silicone integrated plate, silicone glass suction plate, silicone platform plate, silicone cartoon plate and so on. Among them, the market sales feedback of silicone separated plates is […]

Choose different functions at different times!

Dental glue is to meet the comfort and normal development of baby’s baby teeth, the use of dental glue should pay attention to the cleaning of dental glue. The following gives you an analysis of the content of molar sticks with different functions to choose at different times. Stage one: When the teeth are not […]

▼▼▼How to clean Latex/bath Toys?

Many people carry latex toys in their arms or even sleep with them. But they are worried that latex toys used for a long time will inevitably dirty, then latex toys can be washed? How to wash latex toys? Heins will teach you.   ☆1, first of all, you can use the rubber to wipe […]

Enterprise technology consultant — Professor Tan of Hainan University

3.8 Ushered in the signing ceremony between Professor Tan of Hainan University and the technical consultant of Tong Xin Technology. Professor Tan “encouraged” our Tong Xin technology with professional knowledge and rich research results. Tong Xin Technology solemnly invites Professor Tan from Hainan University to our company for guidance. Professor Tan’s deep cultivation and research […]