Baby dental glue manufacturers remind the use of dental glue need to pay attention to what?

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Analysis of dental glue is used to meet the needs of baby teeth itch, through sucking and clenching glue, to promote the coordination of the baby’s mouth and hand, not only to promote the growth of baby teeth, but also to promote intellectual development, the baby is frustrated unhappy, tired want to sleep or lonely, but also through clenching glue to obtain psychological satisfaction and security.
Dental glue can also slow down the discomfort of the baby’s gums when the tooth comes out, and does not harm the baby’s gums, it is recommended that mothers buy the baby’s brand quality and reputation are better dental glue, so it is also safe to use.

So, what do we need to pay attention to when using dental glue?
1. Do not wrap your teeth around your neck. Hang on your baby’s neck to prevent it from falling on the ground. However, adults must not wrap the tape around the baby’s neck to prevent the baby from strangling and accidents.
2. According to the baby’s teething situation, choose the suitable teether for the baby. As the baby grows older, the size and style of the teether should also be adjusted accordingly, and the baby’s favorite and most suitable products should be selected.
3. To clean the dental glue regularly, the silicone material is easy to produce static electricity, contaminated with more dust and germs, if not cleaned regularly, it will bring dirty things to the baby’s body. Always check the quality of dental glue and do not use damaged or aged dental glue on your baby.
4. Pay attention to product quality when buying, such as buying inferior products, it is easy to harm the health of the baby.
5. Mom prepared a few more clean teether in case of emergency. When taking the baby out, remember to prepare clean dental glue in the bag, in case the baby’s gums are uncomfortable and crying.
6. Ice and gauze should also be prepared, when the baby is emotional crying, unwilling to use dental glue, you can use clean gauze wrapped in ice, on the baby’s gums for a short time. You can also wet the gauze with cold water and gently wipe it for the child, which can play an analgesic role.