【 One】

Avoid the sun

Natural latex has protein properties, the sun will make it aging, resulting in powder surface, so must not put latex toys in the sun exposure. And latex products themselves have anti-mite and bacteriostatic characteristics, without the sun. If the indoor lighting is better, it should also do a good job of shading, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight.


【 Two 】

Not machine washable or dry cleaned

Latex material generally do not need to be cleaned, especially not machine washing, dry cleaning. It is easy to damage latex toys due to the great torque force of machine washing; Dry cleaning agents used in dry cleaning can also destroy the properties of natural latex. Usually diligent in wiping disinfection can be. If there is a small area of dirt, only need to wipe with a wet towel and put in a ventilated place, until completely dry before use.


【 Three 】

Proper ventilation

Although latex toys themselves have a lot of good air permeability porosity design, but also do not put latex bedding in wet space, to keep the space ventilated dry; Heavy moisture areas or seasons, to get the latex toys outdoors to blow air, in order to keep the latex toys themselves dry and fresh.


【 Four 】

Avoid squeezing

Take latex toys, do not squeeze, fold, so as not to damage the latex toys. Usually try not to press heavy objects in order to avoid deformation. In daily work to wipe ventilation, but also to keep the surface clean and sanitary latex toys.


【 Five 】

Color change

Natural latex toys are very delicate, and after contact with the sun and air will be oxidized, the color gradually yellow, is a normal phenomenon, will not affect the use of effect.


Dongguan Tongxing Industrial Co., Ltd.-Natural Rubber Toys,Made with pure natural rubber from Hevea tree. 100% CAOUTCHOUC and Completely biodegradable, no chemicals addition and animal fur, we are environmental friendly to planet. Hypoallergenic for most of kids. Non-toxic. Special shape designed for soothing baby’s sore pain in special period. Not only used as a baby teether, but a bath toy, decorative objects. Soft, easy to grasp and safe to chew . Stimulates baby’s senses and relieve emotion. The singular scent of natural rubber makes it easy for your child to identify.


3.8 Ushered in the signing ceremony between Professor Tan of Hainan University and the technical consultant of Tong Xin Technology. Professor Tan “encouraged” our Tong Xin technology with professional knowledge and rich research results.

Tong Xin Technology solemnly invites Professor Tan from Hainan University to our company for guidance. Professor Tan’s deep cultivation and research of latex expertise can better help our factory in the production of difficulties and technical problems to provide solutions and research solutions, as the saying goes, “the company of three, there is always a teacher” alone is not as good as a group of cooperation! Professor Tan will also allow students from Hainan University to come to our company to study and research latex technology, and improve their own working technology while learning. He can also carry out the research and development of latex problem base, and enhance the close link between Hainan University and Tongxin Technology Latex toy company for common development ~




The old year has shown a thousand pieces of brocade into the New Year

–2023 Tongxin Technology Co., LTD. Annual meeting held ceremoniously

Heroic song farewell to the old year, happy beginning of the New Year, in the afternoon of February 5, 2023, children new technology limited
The company’s “Summary 2022 and Outlook 2023” Welcome party was held in the activity room on the third floor of Sanzheng Mid-Mountain five-star Hotel. Zhang Guangcheng, the general manager of the company, Li Zhiyong, the vice president of the company, the senior executives of the company and more than 200 employees gathered together to enjoy the party.



Li Zhiyong, the manager, opened the New Year with an exciting speech. He said, “In the past year, under the joint efforts of all my colleagues, the company has maintained a steady and sustainable development of business and achieved good results. These results belong to every new Tong, Tong new future will be more brilliant.”

Zhang Guangcheng, general manager of Tongxin, summarized the company’s performance in 2022 and the position of the company’s products in the market
Position, as well as list the company in 2023 to achieve new goals, put the product technology and children’s new baby toy brand in 23
In the middle of the year again to a new peak.



At the same time, Tongxin Vice President Li Zhiyong said the company’s existing achievements can not be separated from everyone’s efforts, hope in the new one
Unity in the middle of the year, roll up your sleeves and work hard together!



Next, our staff will perform to cheer up our spring tea party. The bigger the cheers, the bigger the prize will go to the team!



There was a wonderful dance performance and the perfect rhythm of the colleagues. It was a feast for the eyes!



The purpose of the sketch is to put you in the midst of unhappiness and make you laugh.



The ancient style of singing, gentle as water!


Who can resist the fun little things in the army that “3 idiots” brings!



In the passionate photo, is the sunrise shining on us, is the direction of the light! “Only by settling down our days will not be wasted, will not be so boring.” I hope we can stick to the original intention, increase the power for the dream, and create new light in children!


Thanks For Watching!





International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year. It is a globally recognized and respected day. Dating back to March 8, 1909, the United States Chicago labor women’s strike march rally, women’s Day has gone through more than a hundred years of history. Even in China, Women’s Day has been around for a long time since the Republic of China, when all kinds of new ideas, ideas and things were introduced together. So, do you know the origin of Women’s Day is what?



38 Women’s Day is also known as international Working Women’s Day. Internationally, the full name of Women’s Day is “United Nations Day of Women’s Rights and interests and International Peace”, is the world’s women strive for peace, equality, development of the festival. Over the past century, women in various countries have made unremitting efforts to fight for their rights.

On March 8, 1909, women workers in Chicago, Illinois, and workers in the national textile and clothing industry held a huge strike and demonstration, demanding an increase in wages, the implementation of the 8-hour working day and the right to vote. This was the first organized mass struggle of working women in history, which fully demonstrated the strength of working women. The struggle received widespread sympathy and warm response from women in the whole country and even other countries in the world, and finally won the victory.



Before the First World War, the shadow of war hung over the world, and imperialists tried to carve up colonies. In August 1910, the second International Socialist Women’s Congress was held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The meeting was attended by representatives of 17 countries. The main issues discussed at the meeting were to oppose imperialist military expansion and war preparation and safeguard world peace. They also discussed the protection of women’s and children’s rights, the fight for the 8-hour workday and women’s suffrage. Clara Zetkin, the famous German socialist revolutionist and outstanding communist fighter who led the meeting, proposed that March 8 every year be the world women’s Struggle Day, which was unanimously supported by the delegates. Since then, “38” women’s Day has become the world’s women to fight for rights and liberation of the holiday.



Clara Zetkin

March 8, 1911 was the first International Working Women’s Day.

Our country started in 1922 to commemorate the March Eighth.



1 Current Situation of Chinese Natural Rubber

2 Ingredients in NR

3 The Structure of Natural Rubber

4. Nature of NR


Natural rubber

1, the current situation of Chinese natural rubber

As everyone in the industry knows, NR mainly comes from Southeast Asia. Do you know why our country can’t produce NR rubber by itself?

As far as I know, there are mainly the following reasons: (1) Climate: the growing environment of NR can only be located at 18° south to 18° north latitude, and the southernmost part of China is at 19° north latitude. Therefore, Hainan is the main NR production base in China, but the planting area is very limited. The output in 2020 is only about 600,000 tons, and the self-sufficiency rate is only 13%. ② Backward production technology: The production line of China’s NR in Hainan is still the same as that of 10 years ago, with low production efficiency and a large amount of labor. As a result, China’s NR produced by itself cannot compete with Southeast Asian countries in terms of production capacity and quality. Meanwhile, the cost of China’s NR produced by itself is at least 1000-2000 yuan more expensive than that of Southeast Asian countries. The price fluctuation of NR is too big, especially the impact of this epidemic.

Now this situation, our country will face a lot of strategic problems, as we all know, fighter aircraft, large aircraft tires due to a large load, the strength of the requirements are particularly high, must use NR, but also must be NR in the highest strength of the cigarette glue, but our country is no way to supply to meet the requirements of the cigarette glue, completely rely on imports, This is a difficult place, so the country has been trying to change the living conditions of NR, hoping to change the cold tolerance of rubber trees by genetic means, so that rubber trees can be planted in more places in China. Of course, this technology is really difficult, our teachers in Beihua have done a lot of work, but no breakthrough has been made. At present, the main research in the academic world is dandelion, and this northernization has made a breakthrough. At present, the northernization has made tires by using dandelion. However, there is a particularly big problem that the NR latex that can be extracted from dandelion is too little, which cannot be realized in industrialization. What our teachers are doing now is to change the roots of dandelions through genetic technology, hoping to grow roots as big as turnip, so as to increase the yield of NR produced by dandelions.



2. Components of NR

It can be seen that NR has about 5-8% rubber components, and these non-rubber components will directly affect the final characteristics of NR.


3. Structure of natural rubber

The structure of NR is much more complex than that of polycis-isoprene, which is why isoprene rubber does not have the same properties as NR rubber. As can be seen from the figure, in addition to the main intermediate cis-isoprene, the molecular weight of natural rubber also contains two end-groups, -α and w’. The research results show that the α-end group is formed by the combination of phosphate ester group and phospholipid, and the w’ end group is formed by the combination of several trans-isoprene and some special proteins, which combines with the above structure. Here are two of the most important features of NR:

① The molecular weight is huge, can reach millions of levels, processing is difficult, gel content is high, need to plasticizer

The reason for the huge molecular weight is that natural rubber α-terminal group forms gel network through hydrogen bond or intermolecular force



4. Properties of NR

The main characteristics of NR have been clearly explained above, and I will summarize them briefly as follows:

The raw rubber green has high strength, good extrusion and calendering performance, smooth extrusion surface and low shrinkage rate

② Elasticity: natural rubber has medium elasticity, BR>NR>IIR, which is mainly considered from steric hindrance

③ Strength: NR has the best tensile property and excellent strength in general rubber

(4) Processing properties: large molecular weight, high viscosity of raw rubber Mooney, need to plasticize to further processing

⑤ Low temperature resistance: medium to high: glass transition temperature is about -70℃

⑥ Solvent resistance: if a material does not react with the solvent and is not miscible, the material is resistant to the solvent performance, and NR is non-polar rubber, non-polar gasoline, diesel, variable pressure oil, resistance to polar solvents: water, ethanol

⑦ Chemical reactivity: NR rubber has very high chemical reactivity, so the aging resistance of NR is poor, it must be anti-aging treatment; At the same time, the high chemical reactivity of NR can also be used to prepare epoxidized NR and hydrogenated NR. For the two special NR, there are still many ways to write an article on the chemical modification of rubber later.


Physical properties of natural rubber:

Generally, it is a flake solid with a relative density of 0.94, refractive index of 1.522, and elastic film content of 2 ~ 4MPa. It softenes at 130 ~ 140℃, becomes sticky at 150 ~ 160℃, and begins to degrade at 200℃. High elasticity at room temperature, slightly plastic, crystallization hardening at low temperature. Good alkali resistance, but not strong acid resistance. Insoluble in water, low ketones and alcohols, in non-polar solvents such as trichloromethane, carbon tetrachloride can swell.

Extended information:

Composition of natural rubber:

There are about 2,000 different plants in the world that produce polymers that resemble natural rubber, and different kinds of rubber have been obtained from 500 of them, but the real practical value is the Brazilian rubber tree. When the surface of a rubber tree is cut, the milk ducts in the bark are cut and the latex flows out of the tree.

The latex collected from the rubber tree is diluted and solidified with acid, washed, and then pressed, dried and packed to produce natural rubber on the market. According to different gumming methods, natural rubber can be made into smoke sheet, air dried film, crepe sheet, technical classification dry glue and concentrated latex, etc.

Standard rubber refers to rubber graded according to mechanical impurities, plastic retention rate, plastic initial value, nitrogen content, volatile content, ash content, color index and other physical and chemical properties. Standard rubber packaging is also relatively advanced, generally with polyethylene film packaging, and there is a bright logo, the weight of the package is small, easy to move. The packing weight in Malaysia is 33.3kg, while 40kg is stipulated in China.

The classification of standard rubber is more scientific, so this classification method is soon accepted by the main natural rubber producing countries and international standardization bodies, and has developed the classification standard of standard rubber. These criteria are roughly the same, but not entirely consistent. For example, ISO2000 is divided into five levels, our standard GB8081-87, the regulation has four levels.




The significance of toys for children’s growth is as follows:
1, first of all, toys can stimulate children’s interest, so that they can easily learn knowledge in the process of playing. Now there are a lot of educational toys on the market, these toys contain a wealth of common sense of life, as well as some simple humanistic knowledge.
2. Secondly, the rich bright color, lovely shape and distinctive sound of toys can exercise the baby’s sensory ability very well. For example, color recognition.
3. Third, toys of different sizes and textures can exercise your baby’s grip strength. Most of the edges are not sharp, but they are easy to grasp. For example, small balls and plush dolls and so on. In addition, the baby in the process of playing, can be the same age together, or mom and dad to cooperate.

Latex toys for the baby in the growth stage is a necessary stage, to ensure the safety and health of the baby under the condition of choosing educational toys in line with the age of the baby.



Usually we say natural rubber, refers to the natural latex collected from the rubber tree in Brazil, after solidification, drying and other processing processes made of elastic solid. Natural rubber is a kind of natural polymer compound with polyisoprene as the main component, the content of rubber hydrocarbon (polyisoprene) is more than 90%, but also contains a small amount of protein, fatty acid, sugar and ash.


Acquisition method and process

Under normal circumstances, natural rubber trees can collect latex after 5 to 7 years of planting, and can collect for 25 to 30 years. Latex is found in the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of natural rubber, but it is usually stored in the latex ducts that receive cambium in the rubber bark, especially in the lower part of the trunk and the surface. The most suitable time for cutting glue is before and after sunrise in the morning, because at this time the air humidity is high, the transpiration of the gum tree is extremely slow, and the turgor pressure in the milk duct is high. When cutting glue, an incision with a tilt of about 30 degrees is cut at the trunk about one meter higher from the ground, and an aluminum groove (commonly known as glue tongue) is placed at the lower part of the incision.


Variety classification and quality standard

According to the form of natural rubber can be divided into two categories: solid natural rubber (film and granules) and concentrated latex. In daily use, solid natural rubber occupies the majority proportion. Film according to the manufacturing process and shape of the different, can be divided into smoke film, air dry film, white wrinkle sheet, brown wrinkle sheet.

Cigarette film is the most representative variety of natural rubber, once was the largest amount, the most widely used a rubber. Cigarette film is generally graded according to its appearance, which is divided into six levels, including super grade, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade. Those less than grade five are classified as equal outer adhesive.

Granular adhesive (that is, standard adhesive SMR, also known as technical grading rubber TSR) is graded according to the international standard physical and chemical properties, indicators. These physical and chemical properties include impurity content, plastic initial value, plastic retention rate, nitrogen content, volatile content, ash content and color index, among which impurity content is the dominant index.


Properties of natural rubber

(1) Physical properties of natural rubber

Natural rubber has high elasticity at room temperature, slightly plastic, has very good mechanical strength, small hysteresis loss, low heat generation in multiple deformation, so the flexure resistance is also very good. Because it is non-polar rubber, it has good electrical insulation performance.

(2) Chemical properties of natural rubber

Because of the unsaturated double bond, natural rubber is a kind of material with strong chemical reaction ability. Light, heat, ozone, radiation, bending deformation and other metals such as copper and manganese can promote the aging of rubber. The aging resistance is the fatal weakness of natural rubber.

Natural rubber with antioxidant added, sometimes in the sun for two months, still not much change. After 3 years in the warehouse, it can still be used as usual.


The main uses of natural rubber

Natural rubber has a wide range of uses. For example, rain shoes, warm water bags and elastic bands used in daily life; Of course, also used in children’s toys, is also very excellent environmental protection, soft surface with cute animal shape, is the perfect choice for children’s toys ~

At present, there are more than 70,000 items in the world made partly or entirely of natural rubber. Natural rubber and steel, oil and coal and known as the four industrial raw materials, is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood of important strategic materials.