How to use silicone teether correctly?

Teeth toy for kids

Medical research also shows that if the baby is noisy and tired, through sucking the pacifier and teether can obtain psychological satisfaction and security, silicone teether is suitable for the baby from 6 months to 2 years old teething stage.

1. Replace regularly
With the increase of the age of the child, coupled with the wear of the dental glue after being bitten, it is necessary to replace it regularly, and it is generally recommended to replace the baby once at 3 months, or to prepare several dental glue for use at the same time.
2. Avoid freezing
Before the use of dental glue, some parents like to refrigerate dental glue to the baby bite, not only massage the gums, but also reduce swelling and convergence, but it is worth noting that when frozen, it is best to wrap a layer of plastic wrap on the dental glue to prevent bacteria in the refrigerator from attaching to the surface of the dental glue.
3. Clean scientifically
Before use, parents must check the product instructions and warnings and other information, especially need to pay attention to cleaning and disinfection methods, generally speaking, silicone can withstand high temperature, hot water cleaning and disinfection.
4. If damaged, stop using immediately
Damaged dental glue may hurt the baby, the residue may also be swallowed by mistake, in order to avoid causing harm to the baby, each time before the use of parents should carefully check, once found that the dental glue is damaged immediately stop using.