Is there harm in baby gum?

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The baby grows up day by day, there is the habit of eating hands, some parents buy dental glue for the baby, we know that the main ingredients of dental glue are silicone and plastic, long-term put dental glue into the mouth, so that many mothers worry that it will affect the health of the baby, and even rumors of dental glue harm. So, what are the disadvantages of baby gum? Let’s take a look.

On the dental glue, the professional statement is used to meet the needs of the baby’s teeth itch, through sucking and biting glue, to promote the coordination of the baby’s mouth and hands. It is not only conducive to the growth of baby teeth, but also to promote its intellectual development. When the baby is frustrated and unhappy, tired and wants to sleep or lonely, it can obtain psychological satisfaction and security through teether.

Teether can also help massage your baby’s gums and relieve the discomfort of the gums during teething. The hard glue will massage the flesh of the teeth, and the uneven surface of the glue will stimulate the development of the baby’s brain.

The baby’s use of molar glue is not much of a problem, the most important is for the baby’s teeth are not developed products. And the material is also safe and non-toxic, very suitable for babies to use. It can not only relieve the uncomfortable feeling of teething, but also bring a certain sense of security to the baby, and also better exercise the ability to chew.

However, the use of baby bite glue is easy to form dependence on the child’s mouth, and it will have an impact on the child’s mouth, if it is used, it should be made by regular manufacturers, and the child will quit in time.

Dear parents, pay attention, but the baby gum gum is not suitable for long-term use, the relevant stomatologist believes that long-term use will affect the development of the baby’s upper and lower jaws, and will also make the baby form a high palate arch, resulting in the upper and lower teeth occlusion, so it is not recommended for long-term use.