Natural teether for newborns for Christmas

The baby begins to have its own ability to eat at about 1 year old, so mothers, do not dote on the baby too much at this time, do not always feed the baby to eat, and let the baby eat by itself. At this time, the baby has been able to use the spoon to his mouth, parents should buy the baby special tableware, the baby special tableware types are more, we want to know the children’s suction plate is necessary to buy?

First, is it necessary to buy children’s suction plate?

Suction bowl is specially customized for the baby tableware, it is characterized by the bottom of the bowl is equipped with a special suction cup, the bowl can be adsorbed on the table to prevent the baby from accidentally knocking over the bowl when eating. Moreover, the materials of children’s suction plates are internationally recognized safe food grade materials. The function of the suction bowl is to make the bowl adsorbed on the table, which is not easy to move, which can prevent the baby from accidentally spilling food when eating, and also help the mother teach the baby the habit of eating independently, so that the baby can learn more things in the growth.

Therefore, it is necessary to buy children’s suction plates. The purchase of suction cups should pay attention to, be sure to buy in a regular specialty store, you can buy a safe material suction bowl, which is beneficial to the health of the baby. In addition, it should be noted that after purchasing the suction cup, disinfect it first, and then let the baby use it.

Second, how to help the baby to buy tableware

1, the material must be safe

Do not choose those colored tableware, the pigments used in the tableware generally contain a certain amount of lead, and some contain cadmium, long-term use of these tableware to hold vinegar, juice, vegetables and other organic acid content of high food, the tableware in the lead and other heavy metals will dissolve and with the food into the human body accumulation, over time, will cause chronic lead poisoning. Babies absorb lead up to six times faster than adults, and excess lead can negatively affect a baby’s intellectual development.

2, do not choose easily broken tableware

Because the baby can not grasp these tableware well, there will be a “miss” phenomenon in the use of successful taste, which not only wastes tableware, but also may hurt the baby.

3, do not choose western tableware

Because the knives and forks in the western tableware are both hard and sharp, it is easy to Pierce the child’s mouth and cause injury. In addition, the knives and forks in the western tableware are usually made of stainless steel, and can not be used for a long time with salt, soy sauce, vinegar and so on. Stainless steel bowl is a good choice, but it can not be heated in the microwave oven, and it should be often boiled in hot water or steamed at high temperature, both to remove grease and disinfect.

4, do not choose difficult to clean tableware

Some tableware because of the shape, design or texture of the reason is often not easy to clean, or can not be high-temperature disinfection, so oil and bacteria are more easily attached to the above, so it is not the ideal tableware for children.