Natural latex educational toys for babies

Silicone products are a very environmentally friendly and safe product, the production of silicone products have very strict standards, most of the silicone products used in our daily life are food grade silicone products.
Baby silicone teether is a very popular silicone products, today Xiaobian will take you to understand how to distinguish the good or bad of baby silicone teether?

Silicone baby teether is mainly used by children to grind their teeth in the mouth, so the material requirements must be non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and has been replaced by silicone, rubber, thermoplastic elastic rubber and rubber materials.
Due to the increase in global market demand in recent years, the sales volume of children’s dental products has increased, and the price war between children’s dental products will inevitably appear the problem of cutting corners and cost control, which also contains untestable factors.
Silicone baby teether is currently the most popular kind of silicone maternal and child products, so its material and all aspects of performance have been recognized by consumers and officials, so the purchase skills and methods of children’s teether should still be vigilant.
Need to choose from the following aspects:
Structure: High-quality silicone baby teether usually attracts the eye of infants and young children, but it also needs to achieve a certain safe use effect.
For example, the international standard silicone children’s dental glue can not exceed 30mm in the mouth, so as not to be detected, the hardness can not be higher than 80 degrees, and the size can not be less than the mouth shape of infants and young children.
In addition, silicone baby teether also needs to be designed in terms of durability.
Material: Material is the most important, silicone products are mainly a process around the material, if its material is not selected, there is no meaning.
Therefore, for silicone baby teether, raw materials must pass different testing standards and customer certification standards in order to achieve the effect of material safety.
Compared with rubber and thermoplastic elastic rubber, the material of silicone is better, so the silicone manufacturer still recommends that you choose silicone if you can.