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When the baby teething, in the mouth sensitive period, the gums will appear itchy pain and other discomfort at this time the baby will get used to biting fingers or other things, if the baby’s biting desire can not be met, it may cause emotional upset, grumpy and other bad emotions, biting fingers will affect the baby’s health, so treasure mothers should pay attention to the use of food grade silicone rubber instead of biting fingers.

What are the benefits of using food-grade silicone teether?

1, can alleviate the discomfort of the teething period, dental glue can help massage the gums, relieve itching, but also help the growth of baby teeth.

2, help to soothe the mood, dental glue can give the baby a certain sense of security, help the baby to soothe the bad mood of the oral period.

3, to prevent biting other things affect health, teething babies always like to bite things, dental glue can prevent the baby from biting some unsanitary items, dental glue is food grade accessible material, you can rest assured to the baby bite.

4, successfully through the oral period, the baby’s oral period mainly through sucking, biting, eating hands to meet the desire and sense of security if not these will produce some bad emotions such as grumpiness, so the dental glue can successfully help the baby through the oral period.

5, food grade silicone teether can not only exercise the baby’s chewing ability, but also develop the baby’s perception ability and promote brain cell development.

Many mothers do not understand the dental glue, our dental glue is made of food grade silicone material, authoritative certification bisphenol A free, can also withstand high temperature 120℃ boiling disinfection, safety and health do not worry, rest assured to the baby bite use, but also can develop the baby’s creativity and imagination oh.