Natural latex educational toys for babies

It is generally made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic silicone, and some are made of soft plastic and EVA material. Now let’s talk about why you should use dental gel.

1, can relieve the discomfort of tooth eruption period

When the baby is ready to grow teeth, the gums will itch and pain, and the gum can be a good massage to relieve the discomfort of the teeth, and does not harm the gums, which helps to promote the growth of the baby teeth.

2, can help the baby successfully through the oral period

The baby’s oral period is mainly through sucking, eating and drinking, eating hands to meet the desire, if the mouth can not be satisfied, the baby will often be impatient, crying, drooling, will bite anything they can access, easy to happen the danger of ingestion. Dental glue can satisfy and soothe the baby’s mood, and successfully pass the oral period.

3, promote the baby’s brain development

The whole process of biting glue can exercise the baby’s hand-eye brain coordination ability, develop the baby’s perception ability, and stimulate the development of brain cells.

4, calm the baby’s bad mood

In the teething stage, the baby is easy to produce irritability and other bad emotions because of discomfort, and the dental glue can transfer the baby’s attention well, give sufficient sense of security and satisfaction, and soothe the baby’s bad emotions.

5. Train your baby’s ability to shut up

Sucking gum is a good exercise for your baby’s mouth opening and closing ability.

The above is the role of baby dental glue soothing artifact, for the safety of the baby, it is best to look for a large company with quality assurance when buying. I hope the above content is helpful to you.