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Natural latex toy

Dental glue is to meet the comfort and normal development of baby’s baby teeth, the use of dental glue should pay attention to the cleaning of dental glue.

The following gives you an analysis of the content of molar sticks with different functions to choose at different times.
Stage one: When the teeth are not formally grown, the bud stage will already make the baby feel uncomfortable in the gums. Stage 1 teether can be placed in the refrigerator, and the cold touch can relieve the swelling and pain of your baby’s teeth before teething.
Stage two: Most babies at 6 months old, a pair of mandibular milk teeth begin to grow, at this time to choose frozen gum, massage the soft milk teeth, relieve discomfort; The hard glue will massage the flesh of the teeth, and the uneven surface of the glue will stimulate the development of the baby’s brain.
Three stages: When the baby grows 4 side front teeth and 4 fangs (canine teeth), it is recommended to choose a pacifier with a similar shape, light weight, easy to grasp, soft and hard texture layer to massage the newly grown teeth around the teeth, and let the baby experience the feeling of biting.
Four stages: 1 to 2 years old is the period of long milk molars, the selection of solid tooth glue that can reach the range of large teeth, the baffles prevent touching the throat, and the soft and hard mixed texture layer can reduce the swelling pain caused by large teeth, help enhance the development of teeth, exercise chewing ability.