What are the benefits of teether?

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When the baby teething will always want to bite something, then, this time you need to buy dental glue. What are the benefits of teether?

1. Relieve teething discomfort
When your baby starts teething, the gums will be very uncomfortable and will not adapt to the growth process of the teeth. When the baby’s gums itch, the use of dental glue can play a grinding role, so that the baby’s gum discomfort can be relieved.
2. Massage your baby’s gums
Dental glue is generally made of silicone, is soft, does not hurt the gums, and can help massage the gums. When your baby nibbles or sucks, it helps to stimulate the gums and promote the growth of baby teeth.
3. Prevent biting harmful things
During teething, the baby can’t help but want to bite things, so that the baby can prevent the baby from grabbing objects around the mouth to bite or suck, to avoid biting dangerous or unsanitary items.
4. Promote baby brain development
When the baby puts the dental glue into the mouth, this process exercises the coordination of the baby’s hands, eyes and brain, which helps to promote the baby’s intellectual development. Through chewing gums, the baby helps to exercise the perception of the baby’s lips and tongue and stimulate the brain cells again.
5. Soothe your baby
When the baby has negative emotions such as irritability, dental glue can help the baby divert attention, soothe the baby’s emotions, and help the baby get satisfaction and a sense of security.
6. Train your baby’s ability to shut up
The baby will put the dental glue into the mouth to bite, which can exercise the baby’s mouth opening ability and train the baby’s lips to close naturally.