What are the characteristics of insulated silicone plates, worth choosing?

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Thermal insulation silicone plate is a relatively wide range of silicone maternal and child products, silicone plate is also a lot of types, such as silicone separator plate, silicone integrated plate, silicone glass suction plate, silicone platform plate, silicone cartoon plate and so on.
Among them, the market sales feedback of silicone separated plates is very good, because the insulated silicone plate can easily and quickly separate rice, vegetables and fruits or soup, which is convenient and fast for babies to eat.

Features of insulated silicone plate:
1, food grade stainless steel stainless steel sheet silicone, according to FDA inspection, ecological environmental protection does not contain toxicity, no harmful chemicals to the baby, can be placed in the microwave oven heating, can be placed in the refrigerator.
2, cartoon program design, let the baby obsessed with dining, smooth edge program design, not easy to hurt the baby’s oral interior and wholesale, the use of more safety factor.
3, dirt resistance and waterproof, the baby dirty, clean up immediately, the bottom ground non-slip treatment scheme design, the baby training learning independent dining is not easy to upset, the mother is more comfortable.
4. Hook scheme design, convenient and quick daily family storage, arc ground non-slip treatment two-ear handle design, calcining baby’s grasp professional ability.
5, can be microwave heating, natural silica gel raw materials, can be put into the sink dishwasher water cleaning, can be frozen cabinet, can be antibacterial, strong and durable.
6, when not in use with air circulation shady areas, do not fire source level with fire contact use microwave oven heating for four minutes, do not use high temperature long-term heating, should be cleaned before use cold water to ensure cleanliness.
7. No BPA, no PVC, no phthalates.
8, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, suitable for the operating temperature range of -70℃~220℃.
9, good flexibility, washable corrosion resistance, oil resistance. Water resistant.
10, with excellent physiological ductility, ecological environmental protection, no toxicity, corrosion resistance.