Buy now,Pay later

Pay on your terms,when and how you want
Flexible Financing
Defer payments by up to 90 days,without taking out a loan.
Easy Payments
Secure, online, local payments for international orders.
Real time updates
Full visibility into order status with digital messaging.
High credit limit
Secure up to $1 Million credit limit.

Say goodbye to
advance payments

With Tongxin, you now have the power to enjoy a generous up to 90-day payment term on all your purchases. Say goodbye to the pressure of immediate payments and embrace the freedom to manage your finances more effectively.

How does it work?

  • Click the 'Apply Now' button to submit your information.
  • Tell us about your business.
  • Add your contact details.
  • Enter requested credit amount.
  • Connecting your checking account.
  • Wait for the review result and the approved credit limit.


  • There must be a company, We currently support sales from US, China, to the Europe, US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, with more countries coming soon.
  • You need to repay the money before the availale credit limit can be restored
  • The order amount must be Higher than $2000 to be eligible for use
  • Orders paid with the 40Seas credit limit do not support refunds after shipment.However, you can return the credit limit before shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
First, click on the "Apply NOW" button, fill in the information, and submit it. Wait for the review result, which usually takes 3 business days.
How much credit limit can I get?
The available credit limit varies for each individual.The maximum limit is $1 million,subject to the final approval result.
Are there any requirements for using the credit limit for payment?
To use the credit limit for payment, the order amount Must be higher than $2,000.
Can I get a refund for an order paid with the credit limit?
Orders can only be canceled and refunded before shipment. Once the order is shipped, cancellation and refund requests cannot be processed. However, for orders paid with credit limit, we do not support partial returns and refunds at any time.
How can I restore my creidit limit?
To restore your credit limit, you must make a repayment first. It may take 1-2 days for the limit to be restored.