Hand-paint with food grade dyes


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100% Natural

Made from 100% natural rubber from the latex of the Hevea Brasiliensis Pará. Natural rubber is made from plants. Therefore, it is biodegradable. This means it will start to decompose when you throw it away

100% Hand make

We source the natural rubber material from Malaysia. Malaysia has been known for producing exceptional quality natural rubber for centuries


Supports customization to suit their needs. Satisfy consumers' personalized needs and also improve consumers' experience.


Dongguan Tongxin Technology Industrial Co Ltd. is a modern factory borned in south of China, which engages in developing and producing natural rubber baby teether and bath toys. We design and manufacture adorable toys for families with babies and toddlers all over the world.


We design and produce world-class toys

All products are completed in one facility with love and attention. We take responsibility to baby care and environmental ecological progress since 2015. At Tongxin, we strongly believe that nothing is incoincident, our next generation deserves to live in a green world. We are very proud of my team and what we are doing, it is more than a toy, every piece of our work is filled with our wisdom, diligent and full love.

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John Doe

Beautiful and elegant: The design of this toy is simple yet cute, and the colors are well matched, giving people a fresh feeling.

Collis Ta'eed

High-quality materials: The toys are made of environmentally friendly materials, comfortable to touch, non-toxic, odorless, and very safe.

Steve Jobs

Creative and unique: The design of this toy is very unique, which can stimulate children's imagination and creativity, allowing them to have more fun while playing.


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Why buy latex toys for kids

Why buy latex toys for kids

Sometimes parents think that latex toys are dispensable for babies. They think that latex toys, although cute and soft, can neither develop intelligence like building blocks nor increase the baby's musicality like other musical toys. So they think latex toys are not necessary for children.

14th December 2023
by heins
How to clean Latex bath Toys?

How to clean Latex bath Toys?

Natural rubber bath toys for childrenMany people carry latex toys in their arms or even sleep with them. But they are worried that latex toys used for a long time will inevitably dirty, then latex toys can be washed? How to wash latex toys? Heins will teach you.

30th November 2023
by heins
The significance of toys for children’s growth

The significance of toys for children’s growth

Latex toys for the baby in the growth stage is a necessary stage, to ensure the safety and health of the baby under the condition of choosing educational toys in line with the age of the baby.

25th October 2023
Jhone Doe

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